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When Zera Healthcare Ltd was established, we embarked on a meaningful journey to create a symbol that truly embodies our values and mission. After careful consideration and exploration, we found our inspiration in the captivating allure of the butterfly. We decided on the butterfly to embrace the idea of transformation in the social care industry.  This beautiful creature, with its mesmerizing colourful wings, represents an array of attributes that align seamlessly with our healthcare business and the impact we aspire to have on the lives of our service users and employees. The Butterfly Effect, signifies that small actions can yield significant rewards, resonates deeply with our organization’s philosophy. In healthcare, treating individuals with compassion and care can make all the difference in their healing process. Just like the flutter of a butterfly’s wings can set off a chain of events leading to major transformations, our dedicated team of healthcare professionals understands the profound ripple effect of our actions on people’s lives.

Blue butterflies are associated with truth, creativity, communication, trust, air, and faith. These elements are integral to our healthcare organization. We believe in transparent and honest communication with our service users, fostering an atmosphere of trust and reassurance. By embracing creativity and innovation, we constantly seek new ways to improve healthcare practices and deliver the best outcomes for those we serve.

Moreover, butterflies represent change and transformation, comfort, hope, and positivity. These symbolic aspects are fundamental to our approach to healthcare. We acknowledge that change is a constant in the social care field, and we strive to adapt and transform our practices to provide the most effective and person-centric care. We also understand the importance of instilling hope and comfort in our service users assuring them that we stand by their side throughout their journey to recovery.

Butterflies also symbolize sensitivity and empathy – the action of understanding, being aware of, and vicariously experiencing the feelings, thoughts, and experiences of others.

At Zera Healthcare Ltd., empathy lies at the core of our care. We understand that each individual has unique needs and emotions, and by embracing empathy, we can provide the support and understanding required for their journey with us


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Zera Healthcare is a professional well-led recruitment & domiciliary care provider - providing experienced carers and support workers across Norwich, North Norfolk, and South Norfolk

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