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Quality Assurance

We actively monitor the staff and services we provide. Ongoing feedback is actively sought from both clients and as part of our quality assurance plan, we ask service users to complete an appraisal form on the service we provide every three months.

At Zera Healthcare, our commitment to excellence is reflected in every aspect of our service. We prioritize responsiveness by promptly attending to your requests and tailoring our staff to precisely meet your needs. Upholding a stringent quality assurance system, we establish and uphold elevated service standards, subject to regular monitoring and review.

Our dedication to confidentiality safeguards your rights, while transparently accessible information about our services fosters client engagement. We empower our caregivers to maintain professional portfolios, nurturing their growth. Equipped with essential skills and knowledge, our caregivers and health care assistants adeptly address clients’ fundamental requirements.

Specializing in community-based elderly care and offering a range of domestic staff, we ensure the comfort of your home environment. By actively soliciting feedback and engaging in regular appraisals, we continually refine our services to deliver the finest care possible.

"I will grow where I am planted"

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If you would like to have a confidential discussion about our services please contact us on 01603579797 or
send an email to admin@zerahealthcare.co.uk and one of our dedicated staff will call you back immediately.


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