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About Us

Zera Healthcare aims to be a leading home care provider dedicated to delivering exceptional care and support to individuals in the comfort of their own homes. Our organization is built upon a strong foundation of values and driven by a clear set of aims and objectives. With a team of compassionate and skilled professionals, we strive to enhance the well-being and independence of our clients while promoting a higher quality of life.

Who We Are

We are a dedicated home care organization committed to providing exceptional support and care to individuals in need. Our mission is to enhance the quality of life for those who require assistance by delivering personalized, compassionate, and professional home care services.  Our journey began in January 2023, when two members of our team, recognized the growing need for quality home care services within our community. With a shared vision to empower and uplift individuals while allowing them to maintain their independence and dignity, we embarked on a mission to make a positive impact on the lives of those people we intend to serve.

At the heart of our history are the incredible individuals we have had the privilege to support while working with other healthcare organisations. From the very beginning, we aim to focus on building relationships that extend beyond caregiving, and we become companions in the life journey. We believe that each person we intend to support is unique, each with his or her own life story, experiences, and aspirations. Our diverse team and the diverse backgrounds and personalities of people we intend to support, will greatly enrich our journey, teaching us the true meaning of empathy and understanding. As we reflect on our journey so far, we are humbled by the achievements we have made so far and excited for the opportunities that lie ahead. With each passing day, we remain dedicated to our founding principles of providing exceptional home care that honours the dignity and individuality of every person we support.

Dinah Jones

Dinah Jones


Dinah is a highly experienced manager with a 20-year proven track record in the homecare industry. She is known for her exceptional leadership skills and has a strong commitment to operational excellence, continuous improvement, and delivering outstanding service.

Dinah holds a range of qualifications that make her well-equipped for a leadership role in the homecare sector. She has achieved a Level 5 qualification in leadership in Health & Social Care, a NVQ 3 Management Certificate, and a Level 2&3 Diploma in Health & Social Care (Adults). Furthermore, she possesses a Level 7 qualification in supporting individuals with autism, demonstrating her dedication to acquiring specialized knowledge in the field.
Her commitment to excellence led her to pursue further studies and successfully completed a BA (Hons) in Healthcare Management, enhancing her leadership skills and knowledge to better serve her team and the individuals under her care.

Her dedication extends to ensuring the effective and efficient operation of services in the homecare organization. This commitment encompasses all stakeholders, including service users, staff, families, and healthcare professional agencies, to create a collaborative and person-cantered approach.
She is highly skilled in communication, complex problem-solving, and conflict resolution. She is results-focused and proactive in planning day-to-day operations and resolving service issues. Her advanced abilities in managing teams and personal time enable her to consistently exceed expectations and drive growth and profitability within the homecare organization.

Stephen M Kasozi

Stephen M Kasozi

Deputy Manager

Stephen is a distinguished graduate with a First Class Master of Advanced Studies in Human Rights from Domuni University in Brussels, a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Leadership from Anglia Ruskin University, and a BA in Theology from Northwest University in Potchefstroom, South Africa.

Stephen brings to the table a wealth of experience in leadership and financial management. His unique ability to seamlessly blend these essential skills drives organizational success. Stephen’s leadership prowess is marked by his clear communication, inspirational abilities, and a remarkable talent for fostering collaboration and team cohesion. He sets a compelling vision that motivates others to follow suit. Even in high-pressure situations, Stephen consistently makes well-informed decisions. As a leader, he exhibits exceptional interpersonal skills, including empathy, active listening, and a bias-free approach to understanding and addressing team members’ needs and concerns. He recognizes the value of effective communication, delegation, and creating a collaborative environment to maximize team potential.

In the realm of financial management, Stephen excels in budgeting, strategic planning, and data-driven financial decision-making. His strength lies in risk management, compliance, ensuring strict adherence to financial regulations, internal controls, and an unwavering commitment to financial integrity. His ability to forecast and interpret economic trends plays a pivotal role in our organization’s success.
Stephen is a remarkable individual who combines academic excellence with practical experience to deliver outstanding results in both leadership and financial management. His skills, dedication, and vision make him an invaluable asset to any organization.

Kathy Chan

Kathy Chan

Quality Assurance & Compliance

Kathy has built an impressive and diverse career in Health and Social Care, holding qualifications as a Registered Mental Health Nurse, Registered General Nurse, and District Nurse. Her professional journey has seen her in roles like Community Psychiatric and District Nurse. She has as well served as a Director of Nursing in acute services. In addition to her clinical roles, Kathy has played a pivotal mentoring role, certified as ENB998 for student nurses and support staff. Beyond this, she has managed three care homes, two of which provided nursing services, and served as a regional learning and development trainer for two national domiciliary care companies. Kathy’s transition into training and education, was guided by her Level 4 Learning and Development Award and a Postgraduate Certificate in Education, that has earned her numerous accolades, including the Norfolk Care Awards in 2015 and the City and Guilds Institute Gold Medal of Excellence UK Award in 2017. Her unwavering dedication to person-cantered approaches and her talent for fostering positive work cultures make her an invaluable asset in the field of Quality Assurance.

Abbie Ajuti

Abbie Ajuti

Learning/Development Lead Co-ordinator

Abbie is an adaptable and qualified Trainer/Tutor/Assessor and brings a wealth of experience working with diverse candidates, staff, and teams, fostering a collaborative atmosphere. His professional services extend to mentoring, teaching, and facilitating learning. He is not only a dedicated learner, but also highly motivated to promote continuous learning and development, both for himself and others. Abbie holds a range of qualifications, including Train the Trainer L2 Award, Assessing Vocational Achievements (QCF) Level 3, a BA (Hon) in Voluntary Sector Studies, NVQ 3 Management Certificate, and a Level 3 Diploma in Health & Social Care (Adults). His commitment extends to ensuring the effective and efficient operation of services, encompassing all stakeholders, including service users, staff, families, and healthcare professional agencies. As a Learning and Lead Development Coordinator, Abbie combines his expertise, dedication to lifelong learning, and excellent interpersonal skills to drive growth and success in diverse settings.

Taiwo Awobajo

Taiwo Awobajo


Taiwo is a graduate of the University of East London with a BSc in Business Information Systems/German. He stands out as a multilingual individual fluent in four languages, including German and English. His background includes managing an international retail store in Germany and serving as a pastor for over a decade at the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG). His commitment to humanitarian efforts is evident through partnerships with charities like Compassion UK. Throughout his dynamic career journey, he has honed valuable skills in leadership, financial management, and human resources. As an organized and resilient HR/Administrator, he excels in conflict resolution and critical thinking, fostering harmonious and productive work environments. His dedication to staff relations is reflected in his active listening and issue-resolution approach. Additionally, his strong written and oral communication skills enable effective engagement with employees at all organizational levels.

"I will grow where I am planted"

Psalms 1 vs 3


Our Purpose to provide care and support in assisting Service Users to lead quality lives and maintain their independence in their own homes and in the communities where they live.


Our Vision is to provide the utmost and high-quality care and support that is focused on achieving outcomes to the elderly and other vulnerable people so that they can live a more peaceful life in the comfort of their homes while making full use of their local facilities.


The aim of Zera Healthcare is to assist adults of all ages who require care and support to live fulfilling lives whilst remaining in their own homes within the community. Wherever possible the care and support delivered will be responsive and in partnership with the goals, aspirations and requirements of our service users, improving their capacity to lead more fulfilling and independent lives in the way they choose and in a way that promotes their best interest.

These will be achieved by:

“Asking service users what matters to them, listening to what matters to them and Doing what matters to them. ”


Our Organisational Structure

The organisation Chart at Zera Healthcare Ltd details the staffing structure within the service. Zera Healthcare have clear reporting lines in place and staff are aware of who their line manager is.

Registered Provider


Registered Manager


Deputy Manager






Quality Assurance

We actively monitor the staff and services we provide. Ongoing feedback is actively sought from both clients and as part of our quality assurance plan, we ask service users to complete an appraisal form on the service we provide every three months.

Kathy Chan

Quality Assurance /Training

At Zera Healthcare, our commitment to excellence is reflected in every aspect of our service. We prioritize responsiveness by promptly attending to your requests and tailoring our staff to precisely meet your needs. Upholding a stringent quality assurance system, we establish and uphold elevated service standards, subject to regular monitoring and review. Our dedication to confidentiality safeguards your rights, while transparently accessible information about our services fosters client engagement. We empower our caregivers to maintain professional portfolios, nurturing their growth. Equipped with essential skills and knowledge, our caregivers and health care assistants adeptly address clients’ fundamental requirements. Specializing in community-based elderly care and offering a range of domestic staff, we ensure the comfort of your home environment. By actively soliciting feedback and engaging in regular appraisals, we continually refine our services to deliver the finest care possible.

1. Training

All our staff undergo an induction programme before being placed with a service user. We provide regular training programmes for all our health care assistants and staff are encouraged to undertake personal professional development training.

2. Complaints

Complaints, either verbal or written, may be made to the Manager, or the Director of the company at the address set below. Our leaflets entitled “What to do If you are not happy with our Service” sets out the procedures explaining how complaints and concerns can be made and how they will be dealt with.

Zera Healthcare has a wide range of Policies and Procedures, which offer guidance to the staff

3. Equal Opportunities

We are a committed Equal Opportunities Employer ensuring that no applicant, employee or service users will be discriminated against, on the grounds of their racial or cultural background, colour, religion, gender marital status or sexual orientation.

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Zera Healthcare is a professional well-led recruitment & domiciliary care provider - providing experienced carers and support workers across Norwich, North Norfolk, and South Norfolk

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